Nya Städer 2015-01-19


Kartan visar läget för fyra nya viktiga städer och deras planerade storlek.



Den största staden kommer att vara King Abdullah Economic City. Nedan en annan vy över staden.



Redan har en del hus kommit upp längs strandpromenaden.



Det ska inte bara bli en flott stad utan en viktig hamn ska också byggas. Man hoppas kunna serva en del av trafiken genom Suezkanalen och Röda Havet och därigenom få mer inkomster. Hoppas de bara kan lära sina medborgare att jobba lite mer.


http://xrdarabia.org/tag/saudi-work-ethic/  säger.


"Amjad Al-Qahtani said that many of her coworkers at the government organization preoccupy themselves with other distractions and do not fulfill what is expected of them. “Many people in our society lack strong work ethics and they suffer from an absence of conscience when it comes to working hard to truly earn the paycheck they receive at the end of the month. It is not uncommon to find governmental employees also working part-time in private marketing companies, to gain a supplementary income. These types of jobs pay the employee a certain percentage for each sale, so women obviously spend more time on part time jobs as it gives them more money. They neglect their duties at their regular job. Can you believe that they carry out such activities on the computer in their offices that their full-time government job has provided them with?”


En anna källa http://www.sptimes.com/2002/webspecials02/saudiarabia/day4/story1.shtml säger: "For one thing, there is a strong perception that Saudis are lazy. A recent study of Saudis in office jobs found that 21 percent made zero contribution to the work place. Many failed to stay in the office more than two hours a day.

Even Saudi newspapers are critical. Writing in the Saudi Gazette, a columnist noted that while he was glad to see young Saudis manning checkout counters at his local supermarket, he couldn't help but observe that they were surly and slow while the foreign clerks were friendly and fast."


Det finns alltså en del att göra i landet. Utan all importerad arbetskraft faller landet ihop.



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